A full spectrum CBD oil that unlike most CBD oil, St. Lucille contains 0.00% THC. St. Lucille uses cutting edge CO2 extraction and purification processes in order to preserves all of the potentially restorative benefits of hemp while removing the unwanted psycho-active affects of THC. This 1500mg oil is great for your overall well-being.  Whether you are treating anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia or many other conditions, St. Lucille is here to support you in living your best life!

1500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Natural

    • Natural flavored
    • 30mL of full spectrum CBD blended with coconut MCT oil
    • Bottle contains 1500mg cannabinoids
    • Recommended dosage contains 50mg cannabinoids
    • 0.00% THC
    • Made from organic American grown industrial hemp
    • Includes active cannabinoids (CBD, CBDV, and CBG to provide the maximum amount of support) & terpenes
    • Includes Omega 3 & 6, naturally found in the hemp plant
    • Dropper bottle for easy sublingual (under the tongue) delivery
    • Designed to be used orally or added to food & drinks

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