Natural Sleep Aid Atlanta

You have tried everything you can to improve your sleep, and nothing seems to work. If that is the case, you know it’s time to try something new. St. Lucille offers a wide range of Full-spectrum CBD oil products that can help with your insomnia. We are the go-to business for a natural sleep aid in Atlanta.

Medications for insomnia

At some point, every person will experience insomnia. The issue arrives if the person has one or two sleepless nights, or multiple sleepless nights. Doctors can prescribe sleeping pills to help a person get a full night’s sleep. However, pharmacological solutions to insomnia are not for long term use. Some of these medications have addictive properties.

CBD products are safe for people who struggle with bouts of insomnia. Studies can not yet say a definitive reason that CBD is so useful for those who suffer from stretches of sleeplessness. CBD products have shown success with those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and several other mental health conditions. Since these products help them relax, one can surmise that the sense of relaxation it induces is what helps them with their chronic sleepless nights.

Causes of insomnia

A variety of things can trigger episodes of insomnia. Everyone will encounter a sleepless night at some point in their life. The causes will vary, but these issues factor into many causes of insomnia.

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Stimulants like nicotine and caffeine

  • Some medications

The conditions on this list can trigger an episode of sleeplessness. However, if you continue to have multiple bouts of chronic insomnia, speak with your doctor since this could be the sign of a medical condition such as sleep apnea. Our natural sleep aid in Atlanta is for use to help someone with occasional insomnia.

Legality of CBD

CBD products are legal for use in most states. While CBD and THC come from the same plant, the two are very different and affect users quite differently. While the public at large is learning more about CBD products, confusion remains on its relationship to marijuana.

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. THC is not present in CBD products in a large enough quality to give the user a “high." Some companies boast products that are THC-free, but those products still have trace amounts of THC. If your line of work requires drug testing, it is a possibility that you may test positive due to the use of CBD products.

How to determine your CBD dosage?

The amount of CBD can vary from person-to-person. Factors such as height and weight can play a role in how much an individual will need. Even research trials on CBD differ wildly on the amount. Amounts used in trials range from 25mg to 1500mg. The best advice is to start with the smallest dosage and then work your way up as needed. This also allows your body time to adjust to any side effects.

Contact St. Lucille today for more information on our line of CBD products. We will help you find the best natural sleep aid in Atlanta.