Best CBD Oil Georgia

CBD oil is the “it” item at the moment. The public now sees what many knew for years. CBD oil can help practically anyone. Visit St. Lucille to check out our line of products. We guarantee we sell the best CBD oil in Georgia.

What makes CBD oil popular?

CBD oil is a natural remedy that has existed for years. However, its popularity has skyrocketed over the last several years. Consumers who prefer natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs or ones who are looking for something to work in conjunction with them are turning to CBD oil. The oil is made by removing the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and mixing them with a carrier oil.

Scientists are conducting more studies on CBD oil and found that it has uses in a variety of ailments. For people who no longer want to take pills or who are fearful of the addictive properties of some drugs, CBD is an attractive alternative. The price can vary, but the oils can cost less than traditional pharma products.

Choosing a CBD oil

As CBD oil grows in popularity, more companies join the market with products. The sheer volume of products is overwhelming to sort through. To ensure that you are buying a quality product, check for the following things.

  • The amount of THC-even products that claim to be THC free can have up to .03% of THC. This is a point to consider if you are drug tested at your job.

  • Batch lab reports-these reports will tell you the specific breakdown of the composition of your bottle of CBD.

  • Extraction method- CO2 produces a cleaner product for users to use. Ethanol is also to extract CBD, but the CO2 is preferred.

  • Full-spectrum oil- full-spectrum oil contains the CBD along with other beneficial parts of the plant. There is also isolate CBD on the market, but it lacks these supplemental plant parts.

Our product provides all these benefits and more. That’s why we offer the best CBD oil in Georgia.

Availability and quality standards for CBD oil

With the rise in popularity, more locations carry CBD products. It is possible to find CBD at drug stores and other big box stores. Approach these products with caution. It is not possible to find the information on these products that you need to make an informed decision.

You can purchase a product that misrepresents the amount of THC it has or to purchase a product that does not contain CBD oil. This market is not regulated as the FDA does not have guidelines in place. There are zero standards for production, marketing, or quality control. If you do not purchase from a reputable company, you are taking a substantial risk.

Growth in the CBD market

CBD products continue an upward trajectory. Estimated growth in the market is approximately 32% and 16 billion in sales by 2025. Don’t take a risk on untested CBD oil. Visit St Lucille today for the best products on the market and the best CBD oil in Georgia.